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Street Scenes
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All images displayed on this website are Copyright Steve Murray, and are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

I am currently displaying fifteen Street Scenes paintings, the image will automatically change every 5 seconds. If you wish to view any picture in more detail simply click on the image, using the ”back button” will take you back to the main website..

  • 'Wall of Prayers' (911 New York)
  • 'People Watching' (Les Deux Magots, Paris)
  • 'Les Femmes tête a tête' (Les Deux Magots, Paris)
  • 'Street Style' #1 (St. Germaine de Près)
  • 'Student Style' (St. Germaine de Près)
  • 'Study Time in the Park' #1 (Kensington Gds. London)
  • 'Study Time in the Park' #2 (Kensington Gds. London)
  • 'Waiting Time at the Metro' (Paris)
  • 'Art Critique' (Museè D'Orsay, Paris)
  • 'Siesta under the Eiffel' (Eiffel Tower, Paris)
  • 'Stroll by the Sienne' (Paris)
  • 'Artist by the Sienne' (Paris)
  • 'Metro Journey' (Paris)