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Cartoonist Steve Draws the Opposition:

Like all good midfield players, Dundee skipper Steve Murray just loves to draw the opposition. And he can do it off the field as well. Steve, who has been at Dens Park since leaving school, is a cartoonist. And he hopes to take it up as a career when his playing days are over.

Right now, apart from helping hoist Dundee up the First Division, Steve is swotting for his forth GCE A-level. If he succeeds he will try to go to university and take commercial art.

He says: “I have been drawing and doodling with pens and pencils for as long as I can remember. When I begin a caricature I forget all about football. But, I suppose, that is untrue for usually I draw footballers. i don’t take too long to do them.”

Married, 25-year old Steve looks settled in Dundee. He has just signed a two-year contract with an option for a further two years--- and has bought a house on Tayside.

Jointing Dundee at 18, Steve made six senior appearences in his first year. After that he became a regular--- and still is, either as a link-man or forward, where he sayd: “I have had lots of fun playing.”

Steve’s Had His Chips!:

ASIDE from football, Dundee’s Steve Murray has a rather unusual hobby. He’s a painter and cartoonist of some distinction.

MOSTLY it’s his fellow players who are the subject of his sketches.

BUT last week Steve had a blinding flash of inspiration. And alongside you’ll see just what sort of job he made of yours truly.

I RATHER like the touch of Carnaby Street. Also the revelation, after all those years, of how so many balls managed to go through my legs into the net!

ALL in all, it’s been quite a week for Steve Murray, who is captain of Dundee --- and may well be the youngest regular skipper in British league football.

ON MONDAY, he and his Dens Parkers were drawn against Rangers in the glamour tie of the Scottish Cup second round. And 24 hours later he was named as a member of the Scotland pool for Wednesday night’s under-23 game against England.

MURRAY had a bit of a problem last season increasing weight, Manager Bobby Ancell solved it by telling him to lay off the rich foods and. in particular, “NO MORE CHIPS!”

THE cure has worked with a vengeance. Murray is fitter than he’s ever been and, in his midfield role, has been one of in-and-out Dundee’s most consistent performers this season.

STEVE first burst into the limelight as the “mystery man” in Dundee’s pre-season trial game in August 1963. He played at inside and outside right and gave several first teamers the run-around.

BUT I bet few of the fans watching him that night thought that within four years this slip of a boy would be caotin of the club -- and on the verge of international distinction.

My Rivals, By Steve Murray:

Dundee skipper Steve Murrayis not only a cultured wing half, but also a cartoonist and budding artist. Here are his impressions of the four Scottish Captains.

Captions:-                   Self Portrait : Billy Dickson : Billy McNeill : Martin Buchan.

Five-Star Foursome:

The fellow who produced this four-figure sketch is Steve Murray, skipper of Dundee. The subjects are the five-figure St Johnstone forwards -- Aird,  Hall,  Connolly,   Aitken,   No-it wasn’t drawn during Saturday’s game, with these four around there is no time at all for such matters..

Sammy - By Stevie Murray:

Sammy Wilson who must have collected more head and face wonds than any other player in the business did so again on Monday night at Ibrox.

But the fact that Sammy --- and STEVE MURRAY --- have a sense of humour was shown when this cartoon by Steve appeared on the Dens Park dressing-room notice-board this week.

Steve, self-taught, has just as much flair for this work as he has for playing football.

A far cry from football...:

That artist fellow looks familiar... and so he should, especially to Dens Park fans.

At the easel is Dundee’s clever half-back, STEVIE MURRAY, displaying another side to his talents.

When he’s not playing football, Stevie likes nothing better than to indulge in his hobby of oil paining.

And he’s quite an dab hand with the brushes and palatte.

He’s completed over 15 paintings in oils.

His specialty seems to be poodles.

Says Stevie: “the first one I did was of a neighbor’s poodle, and since that people have asked me if they could have one like it. I’ve now done five.”

“I took up painting about three years ago. It’s just a hobby -- I didn’t have any art instruction at school.”

Dundee fans will have a chance to see sketches by Stevie later in the season as some of his caricatures of his team mates are being printed in the Dens Park programs.